zaterdag 12 juli 2014

Some people chase love, I just want more shoes.

Time for another article in English. Why? The title just sounded a lot better in English than in Dutch! ;) To the point now. As you may or may not know, I have been in Poland the whole week and when you read this I'm on my way back home. I don't know whether you guys know a bit about Poland but in general things are a bit cheaper here. This resulted in me buying 8(!) pairs of shoes. Yes, no mistake in that sentence. 8, eight, acht... 

Then I compared my life with that of some of my best friends. Most of them already have a long-term serious relationship and I... Well, I have my shoes. I must confess that I might be falling head over heals with someone but at least I will do it head over the heals of pretty, new shoes. You just have to prepare yourself for everything and I'm very good in shoe-shopping so why shouldn't I use that talent? 

The only negative part of it is that my mom wants my to throw away some of my old shoes. You know, the kind of shoes you should've thrown away a long time ago but you've kept them, just in case of... Or because once a boyfriend said that they were really nice. I think half of the shoes I own, stay in my closet for those kind of reasons. Time to get rid of the sentiment and declutter my shoe stash. Any interest of seeing that in a video? 

Lets get to the nicer part of this story: the new shoes I bought! 

First of all, I apologize for the quality of the pictures in this article. I really wanted to write this today but my shoes are already packed for the trip tomorrow. 
I think that it's not really necessary to tell you that these are grey Nikes. I really, really fell in love with them at first sight and could not get them off my mind. So I went back to the store and went home with them. 

I paid 249 pln or about €65. 

Now we're getting to the cheap shoes. I needed a new pair of flats because I realised that all my shoes are or sneakers or high heels... Because these were so cheap I bought two colours. Black and white. 
They were 30 pln or €7,5 for one pair. 

Another pair of sneakers. Yes, they are pink. The shop called this type of pink "watermelon pink". Maybe not the safest choice when it comes to the colour but I love them a lot. And they were again cheap. I'm the type of girl that prefers to buy 10 pairs of cheap shoes, than one expensive pair. I might make an exception one day for Louboutins of Jimmy Choo's but at this moment: the cheaper the better. 

40 pln or €10. 

These fella's aren't the prettiest or girliest but hell they are comfy! And that's what my feet need sometimes. I see this type of sneakers a bit as going back to your ex, maybe a bit wrong for everyday but so damn comfortable. Even though I compare them with an ex, I love them as if they were a new love. (Or does this sound weird?)

50 pln or €12,5. 

But these are my babies. I didn't plan on buying anything anymore that day so the shopping with my dad changed to window shopping and then I saw these. Wow. I ran into the store, grabbed the first pair without even looking at the size. And yes, it was my size. So, this had to be meant to be, right? <3 
70 pln or +- €17,5

I know there weren't 8 pairs of shoes on the pictures but the last two pairs were more the ugly but useful kind of shoes. You know, plastic flats to get into the sea in Turkey without the little stones hurting your feet. The last pair were grandma styled slippers that felt like heaven to walk on. Could be useful when I have to go to work again. 

I think it got kinda clear that I'm a bit of a shoe-addict. There's nothing wrong with loving a pretty pair of shoes, tell them I said it! 


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