woensdag 13 november 2013

Lovesick is a kind of sick.

"Please, sing soft kitty to me." 
"Soft kitty is for when you're sick. You're not sick."
"Lovesick is a kind of sick..."

I was talking to a friend of mine some days ago and I realised that I should try to write some posts in English. It might be fun to try and you'll never know, it might work out great. So I started thinking about this first post in English... Should it be about beauty or something funny or maybe just something very personal? Yes, you've got it right, I've chosen for the latter. 

I guess almost everyone has felt lovesick at least once in their life and will recognize what I'll tell you today. 

It's one of those moments where you really want someone to sing soft kitty while holding you. You need to feel safe to keep you from falling apart. In my opinion it's really a kind of being sick. Maybe you know Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf, she described it perfectly.

"They say it's a broken heart but I hurt in whole my body." Yes, that's the falling apart thing. A hole in your heart with edges that hurt like hell. People say it goes in stages but that doesn't really fit me. Or at least, not as it fits other people. I might have them but they are a bit fucked up. At one point I can be as mad as I possibly could be, while five minutes later I'm crying my eyes out again, to come up with the perfect revenge plan another five minutes later. Yes, I'm that type of girl. 

6 stages of a broken heart:

1. Realization
You've just been told that it's over or that it ain't going to happen. You suddenly freeze and don't really know what to do. All feelings come at once and there's still a bit of disbelief. Or denying. 

2. The actual realization
This is the moment on which you'd like to call or see that person but you remember that there is a reason you can't. Yes, it's over, he's not there for you anymore. Sucks right? 

3. The crappy stage/self pity
Deep down inside, you know you need him and that you can't have him. You start listening to every depressing or sad song which pops into your mind. You cuddle up in bed with your jar of Ben & Jerry's 'cause those are the only two men you can rely on. Music/movie on. World off and let the tears stream. You deserve to be pitiful for a while. 

4. Raging
He's the biggest asshole, douchebag and every other nasty word in the world. In your mind you've made up several revenge plans. It's starts with wanting to hit him, breaking his heart to cutting off his genitals. Until you see him, suddenly the only thing you want to do is run away. And hitting him, but you don't have the guts to do it. 

5. Enough fish in the sea.
Look there, what a cutie. Yes, you realized the douchebag isn't the only man left in this world and you discover all those hotties around you. But while flirting with them, the only thing you think about is him. Mr douchebag. You hope he's watching you go on with your life and somewhere deep inside you hope he' getting a little bit jealous...

6. Go on with your awesome life
This is the stage in which you are able to see 'him' with someone else and don't feel like falling apart. You're able to act like nothing's wrong just because it's all okay now. You're officially over him! Now go and get one of those cute others. I don't believe in waiting for Prince Charming. The poor idiot might be stuck in a tree or something. 

So, this is what I see as the stages of being heartbroken. As I said, I don't feel them nice in that order but I do feel them all. 

Oh, and don't forget, if I can get over it, you surely can! ;)

With love

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